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A true collaborative architectural firm in Greater Vancouver Area, we work directly with our clients to develop innovative spaces that skillfully combine form, function and budget. Featuring a close-working team of architects, engineers, and designers, Mara + Natha Architecture Ltd. delivers impressive results.

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A Fresh Vision

Burnaby's Premier Architecture Firm

With roots in the Burnaby community that stretch back for years, Mara + Natha Architecture Ltd. has been providing innovative and professional architectural services, throughout the Lower Mainland for the last 22 years as well as in Alberta and Saskatchewan for the last 10 years.

At Mara + Natha Architecture Ltd., our promise to our clients is to never compromise the standards that have made us known for design excellence and client satisfaction. Whether you are building a mixed use (commercial/residential), office building, hotel or residential community, we're your solution for local excellence.

Schedule an appointment with a member of the Mara + Natha Architecture Ltd. team by sending an email or calling us at 604-420-2233.

Our Process


Our process starts with a simple premise - understand our clients, both the culture and environment of their business as well as their architectural needs in terms of function, form (appearance), site specifics and budget.


We believe that every project that comes through our door is strikingly unique or has a life of its own, with its own set of challenges, many of which are identified in early stage of the design process. Some are straightforward and relatively easy to solve, but others can be more complex and require outside-the-box approach. We are able to draw upon almost 30 years of Principal Robert H. Lee's knowledge and experience in both design and construction.

As an example, on one renovation project, a new bedroom on the second floor was desired by the client who did not wish to have a column in the living room as the space was tight. So we approached the design challenge by contemplating a tensile structure by using steel rods. And in coordination with structural engineer, we were able to hang the bedroom off the roof structure with steel rods, concealed inside the bedroom walls. So in the Initiate Phase, we initiated this possible solution and the client fully embraced this option.


Few clients come to Mara + Natha Architecture Ltd. with a fine-tuned plan about their project – that's our job. However, the crucial task that we must engage with our clients is to listen to their wish list or things they are looking for or wanting. And then as we filter though the list and much dialogue, we begin to establish a big picture or what we call design concept that may best encapsulate the client's needs and wishes. Based on this design concept, we will start our architectural design.


The vast majority of architectural innovation is in response to clients, coming from dialogue about how we can improve on standard design ideas, building techniques, and material use. In presenting our design to the client, we're opening a dialogue to discover these innovations together as a collaboration that is based on form, function, structure and budget. The design concept is a foundation in which we continue to build on, through much communication and design refinement, till the final design becomes a reality, ready for construction.


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